What a Wonderful World  


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Here on this page I will show you the world.

I will share with my Experience when i will travel around the world, the best places to visit, the best events happening or just simply wonderful experiences that could be gained only in specific places.

Right now I am in Northwest of Europe : Ireland

It is located in The British Islands, but is not part of The British Empire. Ireland had it’s independence regained in 1916 when “The Rising” started and they banished the brits out of Ireland.

Fun Fact: Ireland is nor Rich, nor that expensive as everyone have been advertised about. Ireland is actually a poor country comparing to other countries in Europe in economical structure developments, it is only franchised by others.

Ireland is only made to look that Expensive and Exclusive for the Outside visitors, but actually it is Upside Down there. Politicians and the government are so corrupt there, that it can get you so sick of the nonesense, which is (Poverty issues, Huge Homelessness crisis, Critical Drug abuse problems, Extreme Alchohol abuse problems etc.), that those incompetent people are doing.

People are not really nice in Ireland, they tempt to show everyone, that, they are nice, but in reality they are just faking it, most of them are trying their best to be better, but the surpressed lives by the corrupt government made them less realistic.

And for the irish people…this is not to mean anything bad towards you, it is for your own thought to process on. This is said out of general and outter observative perspective, everyone just need to wake up and snap out of that delusion of reality.

If you feel too intimidated about this, then you just proved my point my dear friend.

Well most people may be two-faced and delusional in this country, but that doesn’t mean that the landscapes are not beautiful there, Ireland is very beautiful in general. One of the countries that are most beautiful in landscapes. It is truly one thing that Ireland can be very proud of. Very beautiful landscapes. Very beautiful sightseeings.

Places to visit and places to see in Dublin:

Stoner Corners:

One of the best hemp product shops that you will find in Ireland/Dublin is SmokeDifferent (http://destyy.com/w3ZY0T) great deals on hemp flowers and hemp oil.

Another is The Hemp company (http://destyy.com/w3ZUoD) you can get many great things that are made out of Hemp in this store. From teas to oil, to chocolate and even medical creams, and other supplies.

Then there is Asha that is located in St. Stephens Green shopping centre top Floor, South of Dublin.

And The Funky skunk, it is located in North of Dublin, Near Connolly station.

P.S. I am Using a lot of those products myself as well, because it does help in ways, if you use them the right way, of course. Like for instance, i use the hemp oil, that you intake orally 3 times a day…it helps with sleeping, it calms your mind, brings more positive in your head…you start to feel better after a short while of using it. then there is hemp tea…and trust me, it is lovely if you add some honey and milk to it.

Food dining places:

HaiLan Korean restaurant (Dames street, next to abra kebabra) the food is just lovely there.

A lot of Fast Food Restaurant Chains are here as well, which i would advise to stay away for your own health and safety reasons, but then again, it is your own decision what you want to do with your life.

There are some nice restaurants all around the Dublin city, and, they also have many pubs with Live music and bands playing as well.